about us

CS, is an ISO 9001-2008 certified construction company based at Kottayam. It was originated in 1947 by Late C Sahadevan. Thereafter it was well established in 1974. So far we have completed more than 4000 buildings, covering a total plinth area of approximately 50 Lakhs. CS Company has won many rewards for speedy and quality completion of works, including those from the late Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi in 1976 and from Shri. Avookadhar Kutty Naha, former PWD minister along with several other state ministers.

We undertake construction projects of Houses, bungalows or commercial complexes on a turn-key basis (as there are no item wise measurements, the cost won't increase), which is a very innovative and popular strategy.

The main attraction in our villas /buildings construction is that the total cost can be worked out at the time of commencing the project itself. ie. - The construction cost @ Rs.2000/Sft (onwards) for the complete constructions even with painting works and @ Rs.1650/Sft (onwards) for the structure alone, which would be done according to our specification.

We provide superior quality work at very reasonable cost, providing maximum facilities at minimum cost is our motto.

We are dedicated to create the highest-quality services to our clients. Our aim is to build apartments/villas that offer you independence, security and convenience. We have a passion for perfection and a strong focus on maximizing value for our Clients

We guide our customers using our professional expertise and experience, try to give them the best by technology, services, and always strive to save money of our clients by offering the best at least cost.

Even if you do not know anything about the work to be done or services to be used, you simply do not have to worry. We will guide you with professional care and friendly assistance. We believe that trust is the foundation of every good business. We earn the trust of our customers by giving them value for money